About Us

VCEA was established to provide modern specialize solution and cost-effective construction technologies, which are developed and updated by VCEA, R&D and technical team. Our aim is always to offer not only the best solutions but also innovative construction techniques/products, designed to increase site safety, save time, improve durability, and reduce costs. We are always keen to work in partnership with our client’s right from conceptual stage and have our design and method engineers working closely with their estimating teams during tender stage. Our main strength is the quality of our highly experienced, multicultural staff. Our Marketing Staff is dedicated to listen and understand our client’s needs and to prepare customized solutions for their projects. The Company uses the latest design software, Technology which is continually updated to reflect current National and international construction codes of practice.

“Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best quality products and services to our clients, with top quality construction techniques, backed by our experience and well- trained specialists in design, methods and job site construction within time frame.”